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is a "spin-off"of Jonah's Seafood, founded in 1999, and located at the time in Chapel Hill, North Carolina. The Ark restaurant began in 2001 as a soul food restaurant located on Geer Street in Durham, North Carolina and was founded by Elder Wade Bowick and Bishop Deryl Bowick, his wife. The Ark Restaurant had one more "stand alone" restaurant location on Fayetteville Street in Durham, NC, before opening their commercial kitchen at their present location. A family member came up with the slogan "Where Good Taste Reigns" and we have lived up to those words until today! The cuisine and concept of Bowick's Ark is this: Affordable "Soul" Food, cooked with the love of God, by skilled personnel in a clean, comfortable atmosphere.

Bishop Bowick has a West Indian background culturally. Being a native of Brooklyn, New York originally, many of her southern dishes contain a "hint" of the Islands. In fact, people are still trying to figure out what she puts in that cornbread!!! Bowick's Ark has evolved into a ministry that is very community oriented. Senior Citizen meals are prepared and delivered to several sites here in Durham. Free meals to school age children are offered and a 4th Sunday Buffet is enjoyed by United for Christ Church Members and friends boasting over 20 items including beverage and dessert. Thank you for your interest. We endeavor to reach the community for Christ-one meal at a time!!!!

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“The best meal they had ever had in their life” 

John Charity @ Carver Creek